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New Koala Adventure Is Out Now

It's been a while since we last saw our beloved Koala Adventure. The wait is over today. It's back, and it's better than ever with improved stabili...

A Solution to Physical Education in Homeschooling

Any parent not sending their child to daycare or preschool will quickly find that this choice poses certain issues that need to be addressed. One o...

What If You Need A Small Playset

What if you need a small home playset? Regardless of whether you will choose one from EZPlay or other manufacturers, there are certain aspects to c...

6 Unusual Homemade Indoor Climbing Toys

Here's a list of 6 most unusual indoor climbing toys made at home. The creative genius of these people is boundless.

Is Your Toddler a Climber?

If your first instinct is to look at the ceiling when you are checking up on your kid, there's a good chance your toddler might be a climber. Is it...

A Playground For All Seasons

There is a misconception that EZPlay indoor playgrounds are best fit for families living in the cold weather, up North, beyond the Wall, in the Ice...

Paints and Varnishes We Use and How They Are Safe For Kids

We use only water-based paints that are non-toxic on all our products. When dealing with these matters, kids health and safety is our top priority.

How to Maintain Your EZPlay Kids Play Places To Last For Generations

Indoor kids play places and equipment are no exception and require some upkeep. When it comes to EZPlay jungle gyms and playgrounds, there is not m...