Paints and Varnishes We Use and How They Are Safe For Kids


Making a product that is going to be used by children requires putting a lot of research into it and paying attention to the smallest of details. EZPlay Indoor Play structures for home don't stop at using sturdy woods and quality materials, but also apply non-toxic water-based paints which are safe for children.

Water-Based Paints

Parents always try to do everything in their power to make sure their children are safe and sound and we are the same. We use only non-toxic water-based paints for our indoor play structures for home. These paints have minimal risks for humans because the only thing that evaporates is H2O.

Paint used on indoor play structures for home

There are some other advantages of using water-based paint for our products. Water-based paint has a flexible finish that resists cracking and the color won’t fade or yellow as fast with age.

Another great property of these paints is that they prevent the growth of mildew. Since water-based paint cannot be peeled or chipped easily, you can clean it without any worries. Just make sure not to use overly harsh or abrasive cleaning products.

Paint used on indoor play structures for home

The best way to clean products coated with water-based paint is to remove the dust first by using a duster. Then, mix some water and an all-purpose cleaner and wipe the surface with a cloth.

Once you’re done, make sure to dip a second cloth into the plain water to rinse off the surface. You can dry the surface with a towel once you’re done or let it dry on its own.

Paint used on indoor play structures for home

When buying indoor play structures for home that are going to be used by your children, you want to make sure that you’re buying the best. EZPlay always makes sure to provide the best quality products to the customers. That is why our products are sturdy, long-lasting, and they don’t pose any health risks to children.