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What Kids Love

With over 10 years in afterschool enrichment and daycare, we know what kids like. You don’t need to take our word for it, though – visit any school playground and you’ll notice that kids LOVE jungle gyms.

Let’s think of some things kids don’t like; homework, an abundance of vegetables, and having to come inside when a great play session is cut short by rain or darkness. Broccoli is great for kids, but a lack of play is definitely not, and too often playing indoors turns into more time in front of a screen, which can turn children into vegetables instead of inspiring them to eat them.

We set out to provide kids with what they love and what is also good for them.

Our Research

When we were doing our own screen-time search for quality indoor playgrounds for sale that was both durable and affordable, we found products that were great quality but outrageously expensive, or the ones that were cheap, were made of plastic and looking like the family dog might be able to take them apart in just a few minutes.

And of course there’s the biggest problem, from Miami to Ontario - finding a dedicated space for an indoors playground in the first place!

Our Solution

After a lot of research, we decided it was time to just build our own. We came up with a sturdy handmade wooden playsets with swings, ropes, monkey bars, and slides that’s fun for kids to play on and gives you back the room when they’re done. After extensive tests in schools, gyms, and living rooms, we knew we were on to something great.

EZPlay Jungle gyms

Our EZPlay indoor playgrounds are handmade to exacting standards to ensure your children can grow healthy and strong on them for years to come. We combine safety, fun, convenience, and affordability into each unit we offer. Our playgrounds are ideal for apartments, basements, kid's rooms, living rooms,  and anywhere your kids want to play. 

Quality is Key

At EZPlay our commitment is to the highest quality materials and construction. We use sturdy ash wood and quality fittings to produce long-lasting play structures. We use only water-based paint and solvents to work the wood to a high level of craftsmanship.

Our handcrafted construction methods and an unwavering attention to detail make sure that every EZPlay indoor playground is built to last.

It’s All About Fun

With EZPlay jungle gyms you gift your kids a full experience of amazing indoor adventure. They can use their imagination to find themselves being in a whole different world. And most of all the joy the child will get from sharing fun with friends or siblings! 

We hope your family enjoys our indoor playgrounds as much as ours have.

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