24 Fun Activities for Kids that You Need to Know About

All parents know the importance of having plenty of fun activities for kids. Physical activities like soccer or baseball get your kid moving and are critical to their physical development, and creative activities like puzzles and arts and crafts stimulate their minds while enhancing their fine motor skills.  However, coming up with activities to do all of the time is easier said than done - especially when the kids are home for summer break or even for a long weekend. You can take them to local parks and playgrounds, but you’ll need to mix it up from time to time to keep kids engaged and interested. This goes double for times when the outside is out of the question. While it’s relatively easy to keep kids active when they have the whole ...
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3 Benefits of Having an Indoor Kids Playground in Your Home

With winter setting in and the holidays around the corner, many parents are thinking of two things - the best gifts to give their children and how to keep them active and healthy among an endless stream of Christmas cookies and holiday sweets. An indoor small playground can help to solve both of those problems.
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New Koala Adventure Is Out Now

It's been a while since we last saw our beloved Koala Adventure. The wait is over today. It's back, and it's better than ever with improved stability, added features and a new color option.
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A Solution to Physical Education in Homeschooling

Any parent not sending their child to daycare or preschool will quickly find that this choice poses certain issues that need to be addressed. One of these issues is the lack of indoor exercise options.
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What If You Need A Small Playset

What if you need a small home playset? Regardless of whether you will choose one from EZPlay or other manufacturers, there are certain aspects to consider. At least until we can all have our own theme park at home.
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