EZPlay Affiliate Program


Generate stable income featuring our incredible jungle gyms!

If you have a web site or a social channel marketplace, you can begin earning commission by selling our indoor jungle gyms that inspire kids to be physically active and healthy.

Kids LOVE playing on EZPlay playsets and we got hundreds of great reviews written by happy parents. We have more than 20.000 followers on Facebook who regularly engage with our posts. Our brand is highly recognizable among the target audience. All this makes it easier for you to start making sales immediately after we sign a partnership agreement.

Our products are made out of high quality ash wood, coupled with strong bolts and fixtures to provide a sturdy structure. Water soluble paints and varnishes provide an environmentally friendly finish that is pleasing to the touch. Simple set-up and storage allow kids to play anytime they want. EZPlay indoor playgrounds are convenient even for small apartments. 

All this as well as amazing design make Panda Playground and Koala Adventure very popular on the market. 

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Our affiliate program offers great benefits, is easy and free to join.

Benefits of Joining:

  • High-rated innovative products that are perfect almost for any family with kids aged 1-10.
  • High average order price of $450 to $650 depending on sales.
  • Commission rate starting from 5% and reaching up to 10% on every sale.
  • Tracking and detailed reporting options provided through the convenient Shopify Data.
  • Our regular support in marketing and promotion.

How to Join:

  • Contact us at marketing@ezplaytoys.com;
  • After we accept your account, we’ll send you the coupon code you need to start selling EZPlay jungle gyms on your site;
  • PLEASE NOTE that we currently perform sales only in the United States and we do not ship to other countries. 

How will it work?

As an affiliate, you decide what type of store you want to build. By means of the ezplaytoys.com logo, banners, and product links, you receive up to 10% commissions on any products sold as a result of your link to ezplaytoys.com! We courteously handle the details, including transaction, processing, and customer service.

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We want to highlight one more time that we currently ship only to the U.S. customers.

Get started today - send us an email. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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