How to Maintain Your EZPlay Kids Play Places To Last For Generations

Indoor kids play places and equipment are no exception and require some upkeep. When it comes to EZPlay jungle gyms and playgrounds, there is not much to do in terms of maintenance. However, a check every now and then will make these items last a whole lot longer.
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Why Is Ash Wood Better For Playground Construction

Every item is made out of sturdy Ash wood and it is sanded smooth and coated with high-quality water-based paint for maximum hold and safety. Perfect ergonomics and robustness of our play equipment will definitely support your family’s needs for many years to come.
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New Color Option for Panda Playground

Some time ago we’ve announced our intentions to release a new color option of our Panda Playground and Koala Adventure home jungle gyms. Well, wait no longer because today a natural wood finish Panda Playground is available for you to order right here on our website. The new Koala Adventure is being prepped to be available by the end of April.
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Types of Toddler Slides and Climbers

Toddler slides and climbers help children develop skills such as coordination and balance. Such playground equipment can be used for indoor or outdoor play. Slides and climbers are intended to be sturdy and safe and can be used by more than one child, given that kids tend to be more active on these types of playgrounds.
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The Ways For Parent And Child To Bond

From the moment we are born into this world, we start forming relations with everyone around us. The first and the most long-lasting one, is the relation a child forms with his parents. As time goes by, the love and bond between parents and children simply keep growing. A warm and loving family produces warm and loving children who, in turn, have a much better chance of developing positive relationships with other people they meet throughout their life.
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