Indoor Over Outdoor Playground, What Are The Benefits

Indoor Over Outdoor Playground, What Are The Benefits


Indoor playgrounds can be used at any time of the day and any weather. They require somewhat less monitoring, will keep your child safe and relatively clean, and also provide lots of fun and physical activity which children need on a daily basis.

Let's Compare  

Both indoor and outdoor playgrounds have their advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few good things we thought off when owning an indoor playground.

1. Can Be Used in Any Weather

The first and foremost cool thing about an indoor jungle gym is that you can get on it at any point of the day or night, regardless of rain or shine. An indoor playground can be used during any season. You don’t have to worry about your child getting cold, wet or sick nor getting sunburn during the days when it feels like you're walking on the surface of the Sun.

Children need to get Vitamin D and sunlight seems to be the best natural way for children to get it. That is why many parents want to encourage their children to spend time outside and they decide to get an outdoor playground or drive to a public park. If possible, we do encourage you and your children to spend as much time outside as possible but also give your child a chance to dispose of that energy when the weather is less than willing to be playful.

2. Lower Chance of Injuries

According to CNN, there are some studies that reveal playing outdoors can improve a child’s eyesight. These studies state that outdoor play can help lower the risk of nearsightedness and improve overall health. Unfortunately, nearsightedness can increase the probability of falling off the playground. More often than not, park playgrounds are not covered with mats or foam and diving head first onto the pavement can result in an injury. 

Indoor playgrounds often allow for more ways to keep the child safe with soft cushions, tumble mats, and ball pits which can greatly decrease a chance of injury. With these playgrounds, parents can let their children play while worrying a bit less. Of course, parental supervision is always necessary regardless of the type of playground.

3. Hygiene

Well, this is pretty straight-forward. You know who cleaned your home playground and when. You know that it's not splattered with someones Dr. Pepper or squirrels garbage after they had a picnic. You can vouch for the safety of your kids and the kids of your guests at home. 

And So Much More

An indoor jungle gym will not only allow your child to have fun at any point of time, but it will also improve or maintain their physique, health, and brain activity. After all, we wouldn't be doing this if we didn't know it to be true. You can always head over to EZPlay to check out our playground sets for sale.