Benefits of Toddler Climbing Toys

Did you know that climbing toys appeared for the first time in Germany in the 19th century? They were built to stimulate mental and physical development of children. Ever since then, climbing toys for toddlers were improved greatly in terms of their design, but their purpose still remains the same.


In the past few years,¬†toddler climbing toys were seen as something only the wealthy people could afford in their homes. Luckily, there are some companies, such as EZPlay, that make¬†playgrounds for home available for more and more families. If you‚Äôre wondering why you would buy such a toy when almost all parks have them, there is one simple answer ‚Äď it is very likely that you can‚Äôt take your child to a park or play area every day. However, if you have these toys in the convenience of your own home, your children can enjoy it all the time.

Keep in mind that climbing toys are not only built for fun, but they also have important effects on your child’s development. Here are some benefits of climbing toys for toddlers.

1. Climbing Toys Improve Physical Health

Clearly, the most interesting thing about climbing toys for toddlers is that they are quite challenging to climb. Such physical activity will not only help your child lose baby fat, but it will also help them build muscles and strengthen bones. A climbing activity will help a child develop both upper and lower body strength since they need to both climb up and hold.

Climbing is also great for cardiovascular health. Many studies report that climbing is more effective than running in terms of replenishing the body with oxygen. The children who are physically active when they are young are very likely to lead an active lifestyle when they get older.

2. They Stimulate Mental Development

Besides helping your child build muscles, toddler climbing toys can also stimulate mental development. When playing on such toys children will exercise their motor activities and sensory experiences. In addition, they will also encourage the development of coordinated movements.

3. Building Balance

Climbing toys stimulate the development of a sense of balance. Children learn to keep their torsos balanced as the gravity pulls them down. It is recommended that children engage in active play for at least 30 minutes, twice a day.

If you can’t take your child outside twice a day, don’t worry. You can also get your own climbing toy and provide your children the exercise they need. If you are looking to buy jungle gym EZPlay offers a wide variety of small wooden playsets. Make sure to check them out!

4. Safe Socialization

All parents feel concern when they take their children to park. They fear about the safety of their children since it is very easy to lose track of your child with so many other children and parents there. If you have some space in your backyard, you can easily keep an eye on your kid all the time.

In addition, not only your child’s friends but also all the children in the neighborhood will want to come to your place and play. This is a great opportunity for creating safe play dates and getting your child to socialize with other children and also learn a thing or two about sharing.

Toddler climbing toys will not only encourage physical development, but also mental development and the development of social skills. Owning a toddler jungle gym will enable that all these exercises occur on a daily basis. A climbing toy in your home will always give youngsters something to play with and also foster a feeling of community when all the neighborhood kids (and their parents) come to your place to play.

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