Top 4 Water Slides in the World

Top 4 Water Slides in the World


There are some amazing water slides around the world. Unfortunately, you may not be available to visit them all or your child may be too young to use any of them. For example, the Insano slide in Brazil drops sliders at a speed of up to 100 km/h. Taking your toddlers there might be considered questionable in some cultures. But, before you consider that, check out our EZPlay list of the top 4 slides in the world:

1. Leap of Faith, Bahamas

Not only is this slide scary itself, but the sliders also have to experience sliding next to sharks. The Leap of Faith slide looks like a Mayan Temple. It features a 60-foot almost-vertical drop. Once you survive the drop, you will slide through a clear tunnel which is submerged in a shark-filled lagoon.

2. Master Blaster Water Coasters, Dubai

Engineers in Dubai sure love defying nature, gravity, laws of physics and more. They even managed to build a ski slope in the desert. What they also managed to do is to redefine the idea of water slides. The Master Blaster is the first uphill slide in the world. This water slide uses advanced technology and makes you slide up instead of down. The slide takes you around the attractions in the park and delivers high entertainment. What a great way to challenge gravity and sanity as well!

3. Boeing 747, Oregon

What would be a great way to attract adults and children to a world-class exhibition of aircrafts? Apparently, building an amazing slide that shoots through a real Boeing 747 plane. The Oregon Evergreen Wings and Waves Waterpark combines the education you get from visiting museums and the fun you can only get in waterparks. The Boeing 747 is a high-energy slide with many dips and turns that are suitable for aviators of most ages. The slide is unenclosed and creates the impression of soaring through the park in an open cockpit and offering unique glimpses of the famous Boeing 747.

4. Siam Waterpark in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Siam Waterpark was pronounced by TripAdvisor the best waterpark in the world. It is situated on the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. What is interesting about this slide is, clearly, that it isn’t in Asia but it features a whole range of Thai-themed slides. One of their newest slides, “Singha,” is actually more than a slide. It resembles a water roller-coaster with its high-speed curves and many direction changes. The sliders on this slide develop the fastest speed that hasn’t been seen in a water park before – 6 meters per second ascending and 18 meters per second descending.

These are one of the most amazing slides in the world. If you are a fan of adrenaline, we certainly hope that you will be able to visit one of these. With your help and your child’s imagination, you will have more fun than you would by visiting one of these slides. You don’t have to take them to an expensive theme park so they could have fun. Instead, they could be satisfied with a simple indoor slide for toddlers because they tend to use their imagination. For some great deals for slides and jungle gyms, make sure to check out our EZPlay range!