Benefits of Indoor Jungle Gym for Kids

When the first jungle gym was built in the 1920s, it wasn’t meant to be used only for fun. Instead, Sebastian Hilton, the designer of the first jungle gym, wanted the structure to help kids learn about three-dimensional mathematical principles. Nowadays, jungle gyms are one of the favorite pieces of play equipment among children.


The greatest thing about an indoor jungle gym is that children of all age love playing on it. In addition, this simple piece of equipment also has many health benefits. Getting a jungle gym is an amazing way to provide kids an outlet for fun and exercise.

1. Convenient Form of Exercise

Many parents do not have the time to take their children to the park to play. Because of this, children do not get as much exercise as they should. Having an indoor jungle gym would solve all these problems. Your child would be able to play and exercise at the same time. Keep in mind that, even though your children would be playing in your home, you might want to still keep an eye on them.

2. Development of Imagination

Playing on a jungle gym often inspires children to use their own imagination and creativity. Many children enjoy transforming their jungle gym into various settings, ranging from a spaceship to a medieval castle. The possibilities are endless. Developing imagination is very important these days. A lot of kids are influenced by the media and some (un)creative scenarios are spoon-fed to them. Engaging in free play on a jungle gym will make children use their imagination to direct their own fun.

3. Mental Benefits

A jungle gym will not only help your child exercise and build muscle but also help with the development of their brains. When playing, children will use and exercise their motor and sensory skills and also practice their balance.

4. Learning How to Share

Your child will love playing on a jungle gym on his own. But the entire experience will be better if his friends or siblings participate. When playing on a jungle gym with other kids, your child will learn how to share his toys with other people. In addition, all children have their imaginary scenarios to offer so they will have to learn to play together and compromise. This is very beneficial for children who don’t get well along with their siblings or do not like to involve them in their games.

5. Conquering Fears

While some children feel like they’re invincible, others tend to get scared by height or activities such as climbing. Unfortunately, such fears often carry into adulthood. To help your child become more confident, you should expose him to adventurous activities as much as possible. Jungle gyms can help children with overcoming their fears such as a fear of height, climbing or falling. Eventually, with the help of an wooden playset with monkey bars, a child who was afraid to even try using it will start trying out more adventurous activities on the jungle gym.

6. Appropriate for Every Age

When you get a play gym for sale, you will never have to worry about it becoming boring. Children will love using it over and over again. This play equipment is suitable for every age, including even adults. Therefore, not only your child can use his jungle gym to play with friends, but you could spend some quality time together.

Benefits of Jungle Gyms for Kids

If you think that a full-sized jungle gym is too much for your yard or perhaps too advanced for your toddler, EZPlay has got you covered. We offer smaller jungle gyms that can easily fit even inside your home and that can be used by toddlers as well. Jungle gyms have a timeless appeal and they promote the physical, mental, and social health of a child. By putting one in your home, you will allow your children to develop their skills on a daily basis and also have a fun time while doing that. In addition, an indoor jungle gym will not only amuse your child but also allow the entire family to spend some quality time together.