5 Benefits Of Indoor Physical Education Games For Kids

Not all parents know that they can make their kids healthier by providing them an experience of playing indoor physical education games. The benefits of these games are endless...

As you are probably aware, the majority of kids today would rather stay at their homes and watch TV or play games on their gaming consoles or phones instead of getting involved in physical exercise. Did you know that according to official statistics, just 21% of kids (between 6 and 19) are following the recommended time for physical activity per week?

Experts believe that this percentage will become even lower if parents don’t take action. Fortunately, physical activities can be done indoors. For instance, kids jungle gym includes several play features and children strengthen different muscle groups while playing on it. Therefore, parents can start creating all conditions for kids to practice physical activities at home.

One of the best ways to stimulate indoor physical exercise for kids is to explain them the benefits of this activity and make it a habit for them from the early years. By learning more about these benefits, parents will become more motivated to help their kids become active.

There are many reasons why kids should be involved in indoor physical exercise and in this article, we will highlight the most important ones.

physical exercises with jungle gyms

Physical health

Physical exercise supports healthy development and growth of kids’ bodies. With regular physical exercise, kids will feel more energetic, they will develop proper coordination, they will get better movement control and keep a healthy body weight. Did you know that the number of kids with obesity in the US is increased by about 300% since the 1970s? Physical inactivity is one of the main reason for that. Spending countless hours in front of the TV or computer will eventually take their toll.

The positive impact on physical health is often highlighted as the most important benefit of physical exercise. Almost every aspect of kids’ health is improved in this way. Physical exercise strengthens the lungs, keeps the veins and arteries healthy, stabilizes blood pressure, reduces blood sugar level, strengthens bones, and controls weight. Moreover, strengthening the heart muscle can help to turn away heart disease, which is the leading cause of death even in early childhood.

It may be challenging for parents to create a full-fledged indoor play area with all required elements for kids to develop their physical skills. In this case, it is always possible to purchase a ready-made home indoor jungle gym and gift kids an opportunity to grow healthy and happy for years to come. 

Mental health

Another great thing about indoor physical exercise is that it helps kids handle stress and anxiety. Contrary to popular belief, kids feel anxiety and stress too and if we don’t help them cope with these problems they can escalate. Physical exercise is a great way to release this pressure. In addition, exercise can help them enhance concentration skills and improve their attention span.

Mental health also implies mental strength. Mentally strong kids are prepared for all those challenging cases that the world has prepared for them. Mentally strong children are able to tackle sophisticated problems, bounce back from the hardest failure, and cope with minor but regular life issues. And, obviously, mental health gives a chance to reach one's full potential. For instance, climbing requires focus and dedication in achievement of the final aim. As a result, climbing kids become more purposeful and they understand that there is no sweet without sweat. Moreover, there are also many other benefits of climbing for kids and toddlers. 

Physical exercises are essential to nurture discipline, build character, and become prepared to get over fear and weakness. While practicing indoors, there is always a challenge for kids to figure our hot to use limited space. They become more disciplined because they have a specific play area where they can do anything they want while other rooms are not available for physical activities. 

Emotional wellbeing

Most people report that they feel calm and have a sense of well-being after they exercise. Physical exercise has proven to be an excellent way to help kids feel more relaxed, happier and more confident because exercise releases serotonin, which is associated with feelings of well-being, heightening of appetite, and lessening of mental depression. Another great news is that regular engagement in physical activities gives kids a sense of belonging and improves their sleep too. When they are involved in physical exercise they are getting an opportunity to achieve something.  

Social skills

In many cases, physical exercise can help children develop some essential social skills that can help them later in their lives like teamwork and cooperation. Needless to say, this gives them a chance to meet new kids and contributes to their integration. Playing games indoor makes it possible for kids to interact in a closed environment and, thus, improve mutual understanding and develop the fundamentals of negotiation. 

Productivity and learning

Finally, children who are regularly involved in physical exercise are usually well-organized and motivated. Scientists have found a direct connection between physical exercise and learning ability. We are strong believers that physical exercise is vital in a child’s development.

There are many ways in which you can make your kid more active. There are also many physical exercises that have proven to be useful. An indoor playground for kids is one of the best ways to support physical exercise in the comfort and safety of your home. To know more, read about 7 reasons to purchase children's jungle gym. 

indoor physical exercises for kids

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