Indoor Playground
Indoor Playground

Panda Playground – Indoor Jungle Gym

Panda Playground is our most versatile indoor jungle gym available for sale. Once assembled, this indoor playground can be folded up and moved wherever you’d like. Ash wood provides a slim yet sturdy base-frame that is easy and small enough for one person to carry and our indoor slide for toddlers is splinter-free. Your kids and their friends will love climbing the rope ladders, swinging on the swing, hanging on the gymnastic rings or sliding down the slide. When the kids are done playing, just fold it back again for storage in minutes. Panda Playground is a toddler jungle gym designed with convenience and mobility in mind for one person to easily be able to fold and move it at their convenience. This indoor playset is perfect for an apartment, basement, or any space you want to reclaim once your kids are tired out (for the moment!). This hand crafted wooden play-set ensures that your children will enjoy their time for many years to come.

Recommended for ages 1-4


  • Play-set Frame
  • Wooden Ladder
  • Rope Ladder
  • Wooden Slide
  • Gymnastic Rings
  • Swing


52W x 52H x 36D

Weight – 55lbs



$499.00 $399.00

In stock


EZPlay Panda Indoor Playground – Full Indoor Wooden Playground Set – Easy to Set Up – Fold Away to Store – Great for Rainy Days

  • PERFECT FOR ANY HOMES, LARGE OR SMALL Any indoor space can accommodate this playground! Indoor places like apartments, living rooms or play areas are ideal.
  • INCLUDES A FULL INDOOR PLAYGROUND The indoor climbing toys for toddlers included here offers a slide, a ladder, a swing, and gymnastic rings for the full playground experience!
  • ULTRA DURABLE AND SAFE Made from durable ash wood, these indoor playground toys are made in the United States with impeccable attention to detail
  • SIMPLE TO SET UP Setting up these indoor playground sets takes only minutes! It is perfect for entertaining young children on the fly or during a sleepover
  • SIMPLE TO STORE When you are done with the indoor playground, just fold away the components and store them until later!
Quality Wood/Materials

Quality Wood/Materials

Sturdy woods, quality fittings, and attention to detail make for a long-lasting structure which will support your family’s growth for years to come. We use only water-based paint and solvents to work the wood to a high level of craftsmanship.

Easy Assembly and Storage

Easy Assembly and Storage

Most toddler slides and climbers available on the market are either solid structure or meant for out of home use. The Panda is something made for both kids joy and parents convenience. After an easy initial setup, each unit is ready for play within a few minutes. Take Panda Playground out of your closet and set it up for play wherever you like. Once your kids are done playing, it takes 1-2 minutes to fold the Panda Playground back up!

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Indoor Convenience

Indoor Convenience

Provide growing minds and bodies with quality physical activity time, regardless of the weather. Rain or snow, frigid cold or sweltering heat, EZ Play gives your kids exciting play options inside the comfort of your own home.


There is no child who does not love spending time at the playground. You, as a parent, encourage this activity as it gives them plenty of time to be active, enjoy the sunlight and make new friends. Sometimes an unexpected rainy day hits and you are unable to accommodate their wish to go outside and play. That is where the EZPlay Panda Indoor Playground comes in! This full indoor playground gives children ages one to five an exciting place to get all of their energy out when they are unable to go be free outside.

The EZPlay Panda Indoor Playground is ultra-durable and safe. It is made from ultra-strong ash wood and has been given a slim, yet durable base that is lightweight and stable.  Its durable nature is ready to accommodate any style of play, including climbing up rope ladders, swinging high on the swing, sliding gleefully down the slide or hanging on to the colorful gymnastic rings. This makes a perfect solution not only for rainy afternoons but also for sleepovers with the kids when they get a bit antsy and want to do something active.

No matter where you live, the EZPlay Panda Indoor Playground can accommodate virtually any size indoor space. With this playground, indoor spaces like apartments, playrooms, daycares and even family rooms can enjoy the thrill of indoor playground sets. Never again leave your child or the neighborhood kids bored on a rainy day when you have the power of the EZPlay Panda Indoor Playground.

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