EZPlay Jungle Gyms

We've created and brought to perfection two great models of indoor playsets.

Panda Playground is perfect for kids aged 18 months+. All the details are 100% safe for small toddlers to make their first steps in physical development. There are 6 play features included (slide, swing, 2 wooden ladders, 1 rope ladder, gymnastic rings) that ensure your children have plenty of exercising opportunities.

Koala Adventure is made for kids aged 4 years+. It has a bigger size in comparison with Panda and includes even more play features: rope wall, monkey bars, wooden ladder, rope ladder, gymnastic rings, climbing rope, and slide. With all of these opportunities, kids will engage in a FUN and exciting play as well as they will be able to exercise daily in any weather and at any time which is great for their health!

Both Panda Playground and Koala Adventure are foldable and it is easy to store them in apartments, kids' rooms, living rooms, basements, and anywhere your kids want to play indoors!

One of the biggest benefits of indoor playsets is that they allow to play in any weather. Even while it's rigid cold or unbearable heat outside kids will be able to engage in fun activities and practice sports inside.

Safe Exercising

Our indoor playsets are highly recommended for parents who want their kids to grow healthy and strong

EZPlay kids jungle gyms are made from high-quality wooden materials to ensure 100% safety and convenience for children.

Playing Is Fun With EZPlay!