8 Fun Indoor Activities For Kids

Getting your kid moving is paramount to their physical and mental development. You cannot simply leave your child to stay in front of the TV all day long, without giving them the opportunity to exercise and use the energy surplus that is often common for little kids. Indoor activity for kids is the responsibility of the parents and caregivers, who should create the right conditions to allow their children to move and have fun in a physical fashion. In this article we will talk about some of the best indoor physical activities for your kids to enjoy.

Jumping Jacks

One of the most fun physical exercises that can be done by kids are jumping jacks. This simple movement can get even more entertaining when done in a competitive way with other kids or between the child and the parent. It involves jumping while moving both the legs and arms systematically. It is also a great warm up exercise to get the blood flowing!

Indoor Playgrounds

Quality indoor playgrounds offer the flexibility of many exercises in a small package. EZPlay Jungle Gyms offer extraordinary climbers which are completely safe and provide your children with the opportunity to enjoy everything they could find at the park, this time without leaving the house or having to worry about weather. From a rope ladder to gymnastic rings and even a slide, having an indoor playground has all the benefits!

Balloon Off the Floor

Even the smallest toddlers enjoy keeping an air-filled balloon off the floor. This activity is exciting and makes the kids move from one side to the other of the play area. There are no barriers here, only having the space indoors to move around. This can be made even more fun with multiple people playing the game and taking turns one after the other.


Yes, you can practice yoga with your kids indoors! There are many parents that are already teaching yoga to their children, something that takes healthy benefits to the next level. This is an ancient activity that enhances physical strength and flexibility while soothing the mind. This is the perfect opportunity to get fit alongside with your children.

Hula Hoop

Truth be told, playing with a hula hoop never gets old. Get some colorful hula hoops with the right size and teach your kids how to play with them. The experience will be only surpassed by the healthy benefits.

Bubble Popping

Another way to play and share indoor activities with your kids is by bubble popping. Get the right bubble making kit and challenge kids to pop them before they land on the floor. This activity will keep them active and alert, both physically and mentally.

Dancing Parties

Dancing is way more than moving the body. Children benefit greatly from dancing because they need to develop rhythm, synchronizing how to move with that they are hearing. Dancing parties are a fantastic idea to get good physical exercise. There are proven cognition-related benefits in making children dancing during their precious years of growth and development. Turn on their favorite tune and encourage them to get creative and have fun!

Tossing and Catching

When a child tosses a ball, there is an important physical effort involved, also a highly-demanding use of the eye-hand coordination. Then, when the kid catches a ball, reflexes are put into practice. That’s why getting a ball for some tossing and catching with your kids is such a good idea. This activity alone can improve the child’s agility and alertness and plays an important role in their development.

These are just some of the ideas of how you can motivate your kids to be physically active when indoors and have fun. The goal is to get them away from the TV, computer or mobile games to help them develop important physical and mental skills that physical exercise brings. Most importantly make it interesting and fun so they will be excited to do it next time and it can become a routine they love!

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