Exercise Games for Your Toddler

Everyone knows that exercising is good for your health. However, many parents feel like they would burden their children by making them exercise. In reality, young children, especially toddlers, need much exercise that can help them develop their cognitive and physical skills and also let loose all their extra energy.


In order to make your toddler interested in exercising it is always a good idea exercise through playing games. If you keep focus on the fun, exercising will never be seen as a chore. Here are some exercise games for your toddler. Hopefully, this list will inspire you to come up with more entertaining ways to get moving.

1. Tag

Tag is one of the games that children love the most because they get to run a lot. You can always make tag more interesting by playing with the lights off and allowing your children use flashlights. Make sure that you play as well if you want some fun family time.

2. Jungle Gyms

There is nothing that children love more than playing on a jungle gym. Indoor playsets for toddlers is a great way to play, develop imagination, and also do some exercise. Not only will such playset help your toddler be healthier, but it will also help them develop motor and cognitive skill. Check out our EZPlay wooden playset without swings and get yourself an amazing jungle gym for a great price.

3. Walking on Pillows

This may sound ridiculous to you, but children will actually love this game. All you have to do is place as many cushions and pillows on the floor as possible and give your children simple tasks. They can walk on the pillows or even crawl. To make the game more demanding, spread the pillows apart and have your children jump from one to the other. To see more interesting ways to play this game, click here.

4. Sly Fox

Sly fox is a great game to play when your child has friends over. The rules are simple. One child is designated as the fox and has to stand away from the other players and turn his back to them. Then, the fox counts to 10 (as fast as they like) and the other players have to try to reach him quietly. The point of the game is that when the fox turns around, all the other players must freeze. If they fall over or move, they have to go back to the starting line. The person who reaches the fox before he turns around becomes the new fox.

5. Balloon Ball

Playing with balloons inside is much safer than playing with a real ball. There are so many ways you can play with a balloon. Try playing catch or the game where the balloon mustn’t fall on the ground. There are so many exercise games for your toddler you can try out. If you think that you won’t be able to spend a lot of time exercising with your child, think about investing into indoor playsets for toddlers. It is a great piece of playing equipment which the child can use on his own for hours.

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