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Indoor Convenience

Indoor Convenience

Provide growing minds and bodies with quality physical activity time, regardless of the weather. Rain or snow, frigid cold or sweltering heat, EZ Play gives your kids exciting play options inside the comfort of your own home.

Quality Wood/Materials

Quality Wood/Materials

Sturdy woods, quality fittings, and attention to detail make for a long-lasting structure which will support your family’s growth for years to come. We use only water-based paint and solvents to work the wood to a high level of craftsmanship.

Easy Assembly

Easy Assembly

After an easy initial setup, each unit is ready for play within a few minutes. After securely anchoring the Koala unit to a wall in your home, simply unfold the unit and your kids are ready to start climbing. Take the Panda unit out of your closet and set it up for play wherever you like!

Easy Storage

Easy Storage

Reclaim the space in your home. When you’re done with play, simply fold it up the jungle gym and put it away.

Design product

Fun, safety, and convenience are built in to every aspect of our EZPlay units.


High quality ash and pine woods coupled with strong bolts and fixtures provide a structure that can easily support the kid in all of us. Water soluble paints and varnishes provide an environmentally friendly finish that is pleasing to the touch.


Simple set-up and storage allow you to set up an experience anytime, anywhere; whether you’re in an apartment, home, school, or daycare facility!


EZPlay makes play EASY!

  • Great for apartments or any space you want to reclaim once the kids are done playing.


  • Many different play options, featuring monkey bars, rope ladders, swing, hand rings, climbing rope, and a slide.


  • We combine safety, fun, convenience, and affordability into each unit we offer.


  • Our playgrounds are ideal for homes, schools, daycare centers, and anywhere your kids want to play.

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